You Can Perform A Lot Of Bodybuilding Workout Routines Without A Barbell

Generally, when people think about bodybuilding exercises, they also think of barbells. The reason for this is that all classic bodybuilding moves incorporate the use of a barbell.

The dead lift, bench press, power clean, squat and military press all makes use of a barbell. However, there are other bodybuilding exercises you can perform without the use of a barbell. This will open more doors for your success while training.

You may be interested in various bodybuilding exercises without barbells for many reasons. For instance, you may workout at home and do not have a barbell available to you.

Perhaps, you do a lot of traveling and the hotel gyms have only a few machines and free weights, but not barbell you can use. You may find yourself without the use of a barbell and then realize you have taken them for granted.

You may wish to change up your regular routing or even target different areas of your body in order to balance weak ness or prevent sports injuries. All bodybuilding exercises can be changed to perform without the use of a traditional barbell, regardless of the reasoning.

With a few simple switches you can remove the barbell from various bodybuilding exercises and then replace it while using two dumbbells, while hardly changing the movements of performance.

Using two dumbbells while pressing at the same time or alternating the fashion you can perform the bench press. You can perform the goblet squat by holding one dumbbell in front of your chest while during squats and you can exercise with them by holding one on either side of your body using your arms straight.

You can do shoulder presses while using dumbbells or you may practice dead lifts while using two dumbbells in front of your feet. You can completely eliminate the need for a barbell from your regular workout routine if you like as well as for any of the aforementioned reasons.

The power clean is the only bodybuilding exercise mentioned above that cannot be switched directly to dumbbells. However, there are many good exercises you can perform that offer great benefits. For instance, performing with one arm bent over rows for the middle back or performing shrugs while holding dumbbells at the side of the body. Pull-ups and chin-ups are excellent bodybuilding exercises for your back.

There is no need to fear loosing access to a barbell. You can perform just about every great barbell exercise, while using dumbbells. You can use them in various effective bodybuilding moves and routines. Whether you are searching for workout variations or a means to continue with your bodybuilding exercise routine in the basement or while traveling, there is no need to worry.