My pre workout supplement combo

In the previous post I promised to share my best pre workout supplement.

So here is my favorite combo for the last 2 months.

BCAA - 10gr
Taurine - 1gr
Creatine - 5gr
Tirozine - 1gr
Glutamine - 5gr
L-carnitine - 1gr
Beta-Alanina - 1gr
Arginine AAKG - 2gr

The overall price for one serving is very low, because I am buying the ingredients in large amounts.
I recomand that you buy al of these in powder form. Only the BCAA you should get capsules or tablets. The taste of BCAA is a bit harsh for me so I go for tablets.

Hope this helps you get an idea of what should contain your best pre workout supplement.

Enjoy and Pump or Just go with one that is already packed with what you need: