Best protein sources for bodybuilders

The products we use are a mirror of the interest that you give your body. You can not progress without quality and reliable products. Therefore, we continue to review the most important food products to supplement a student of bodybuilding. 

Very important for those who have sustained a sports activity is to maintain the amount of daily protein intake to maximum 2-3 g protein / kg body weight. 
But how do you choose the best protein? With so many types of proteins on the market, including soy, egg whites, whole egg, casein, whey, beef, collagen, etc.., Which is the best in body building? 

We analyzed the main sources of protein supplements and how they work we analyzed their different elements which make it effective, including digestibility, solubility, and how they combine. The golden rule is that a protein supplement may be effective, no matter how many protein has, if not enter the body effectively. Worse, if protein (or any other ingredients) bothers you or digestion are absorbed too quickly, could affect your recovery and muscle growth potential. 

If you can afford, try products with a higher price because they can provide some significant advantages. But in any event not think to use the cheap ones. Also, opt for supplements of known brands. Many companies appear and disappear overnight, and only the serious resist on the market. 

We recommend supplements with the best value for money products, the traditional Western companies, which offer guaranteed success for both the brand and built by the personalities with which they are associated.

You can replace your pre workout meal with quality protein shake, add some carbs and fat and you will by ready to hit the gym.